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Opinionate - #NationalFastFoodDay



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#NationalFastFoodDay is slowly approaching so this is only right. VOTE NOW! https://t.co/Lmd0u1qijk


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Weird shit I've seen as a Marine 2a


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IAmAn Air Traffic Controller. This time last year I made a post about the FAA hiring more controllers via an “off the street” bid. Next month they will be doing so again. This is a 6 figure job that does not require a college degree. AMA.


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Because You Are My Baby
YSK: Tossing food waste (like banana or orange peels) in nature is often detrimental to the environment and should be disposed of properly
President Trump has threatened national monuments, resumed Arctic drilling, and approved the Dakota Access pipeline. I’m an environmental lawyer taking him to court. AMA!


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The Bad Grocery Place


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I am an Adventurer and just completed the Brooks Traverse, crossing northern Alaska from Canada to the Western Coast. During the 1200 mile trip I came across just two isolated villages, crossed only one road and met 21 grizzly bears. AMA!


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The Chernobyl disaster was a coverup of something terrifying


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I left school to cook with Cannabis & have created a successful business. Grateful to be featured on major news networks & cooked with some celebrities. Currently working on my 1st Restaurant...AMA!


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The more things change, the more they stay the same: A collection of complaints about the youth throughout history